Monday, 3 August 2009

Volunteers Needed

For the first week of September I am looking for as many volunteers as possible to test out an exciting menu plan idea that I am setting up. All I ask is that you follow the plan to the letter and at the end of the week you let me know how you got on and let me have any thoughts or ideas on how you think it could be improved. There will be NO additional cost to you at all. Have a look at the description below and if you are willing to give it a try for one week then let me know your email address. Don’t worry if you are not in the UK as all the ingredients I use are available at any supermarket. (Obviously you will need to be in the UK for the link to the delivery site to work). I need as many people across all family structures as possible from single males to families with some vegetarians, some just fussy and some just difficult, through to those passionate about cooking. Everyone is welcome and your feedback will be valued.

As I say I am looking for as many volunteers as possible, so feel free to pass this on to ALL of your friends and family. The more people I can get to help me with this the better. At the end of the test period and once the site goes live any volunteers that have helped will get a significant discount in continuing with the plan.

Thanks very much and I look forward to spending a very exciting week with you.


As busy people we are all too familiar with the daily panic to get a meal on the table. That awful moment of thinking “what am I going to cook tonight”, “what ingredients do I have in the cupboard” and then worst of all that mad dash to the supermarket to buy a few missing ingredients and ending up buying things you didn’t need at all. No wonder most people turn to unhealthy convenience food and takeaways. Well, with my help, I intend to change all of that for you and make it easier for you to cook and serve your family quick, healthy, nutritious meals every day and in the process I will save you time and money and avoid wasting food.

Here's How:
I will send you a full week of recipes and a complete shopping list, as well as a link to a video of each recipe. I will also send a link to where with one click, the entire shopping list will be added to your basket ready for payment and delivery. No more spending hours in front of the computer trying to find what products you need or wandering up and down the aisles of the supermarket. Within 5 minutes your shopping will be done for you. You will get to choose which shop to use from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s or Ocado (Waitrose) and you will see a price comparison from each store allowing you to choose the most economical. Of course if you prefer to go to your local shop instead there will be an easily downloadable shopping list on the site. All of the tedious combing through cookbooks and magazines to find meals your family will like is done for you! I will tell you exactly:

• What ingredients to buy in a convenient easy to read shopping list
• What meals to cook for the week
• Show you in a video how to cook each meal in only 30 minutes or less
• Give you a recipe card for each recipe that you can print and keep

How am I going to help?

• Savings – Whether it saves you an extra trip to the supermarket or you eat at home an extra night instead of going out, you will save both time and money with my weekly meal plans.

• Cut down on wastage – It is awful how much food we waste. Did you know we throw away 1million loaves of bread a day in the UK? That’s a lot of potential bread and butter puddings. With a few key ingredients and help from me, I will show you how to turn leftovers into great tasting dishes.

• Quick, Easy Recipes - Cooking times and step-by-step directions are easy to follow for the beginner or experienced cook. Each recipe can either be followed on an easy to read recipe card or viewed on a short video. Each recipe takes only 30 minutes or less of active prep time.

• Family Tested - All recipes are tested by my family and friends for taste and ease of preparation. Only those recipes that get thumbs up from everyone make it into my recipe collection.

• Child Friendly - My recipes are simple and delicious and do not relying on excessive spice or unusual flavours. My meals appeal to children's sensitive taste buds and adults alike. Of course if you like that extra spice I will show you how to jazz up you meal.

• Healthy Choices - With my weekly meal plans your family will tend to eat at home more so you'll know exactly what ingredients go into your food. My recipes use common ingredients that can be found in any grocery store.

Save Time & Money
Whether you like to cook, hate cooking or consider it a necessary evil, I will simplify your life. Take back the time you spend tearing through cookbooks and magazines or trolling through the aisle of the supermarket trying to find good meals each week. With my easy recipes and shopping lists automatically delivered to you, that precious time can now be spent with your family.

With my weekly meal plans you will:
• Serve nutritious dinners to a family.
• Save on your grocery bill each week with a defined shopping list.
• Save on eating out or takeaway’s since we eliminate all the guesswork of what to have for dinner.
• Cut down on unnecessary wastage.
• Prepare a delicious family meal in 30 minutes or less.
• Have your kitchen stocked with easy, healthy meal choices.
• Have more time since all meal planning is done for you.
• Be more relaxed without the 5pm dinner time panic.

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